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C.D.K.K. REAL s.r.o.

designs, produces and delivers systems for command and control of air forces, air traffic control systems, radar and flight data processing systems, systems for archiving of data and voice recordings, and technical monitoring systems.
C.D.K.K. REAL s.r.o.
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VAT ID: CZ03612805

PRESS RELEASE - ERA has acquired C.D.K.K. REAL, developer of the C2 and ATM systems

Pardubice, Czech Republic, 19 April 2016

ERA Company announced today its acquisition of R&D company C.D.K.K. REAL, Ltd. ERA has thereby broadened its product portfolio (up until now focused on passive radiolocation sensors) with command and control C2 systems and civil and military Air Traffic Management systems.

With a long term focus on civil and military surveillance and reconnaissance technology, ERA has now strengthened its market offerings with the acquisition of the remarkable Czech developer and supplier of C2 and ATM systems. “ Our strategy is to approach the market with our own C3i and ATM solutions. The abilities of C.D.K.K. REAL experts precisely satisfy our demands and expectations,” stated Viktor Sotona, ERA Managing Director.

Based in Prague, C.D.K.K. REAL has delivered its C2 and ATM software since its establishment in 2014. The company’s current 25 employees have a great deal of previous experiences with developing such systems. C.D.K.K. REAL has been certified as a producer of military air based systems by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. Cooperation between ERA and C.D.K.K. REAL has already brought about some results: the brand new AirC2/ATM system called ERIS (ERA Integrated Systems) providing enhanced architecture, central configuration and a new approach to software interface.

About the company C.D.K.K. REAL

The company provides complete solutions for designing computer

systems for command and control of air force, air traffic control systems, data and voice recording systems and technical monitoring systems.

Note for editors:

ERA a.s. (a member of Omnipol Group) is a pioneer and leading supplier of next-generation surveillance and flight tracking solutions for the air traffic management, military, security and airport operations markets.

As one of the developers of the respected technologies of multilateration and ADS-B and thanks to the company‘s traditional products ERA has 100 installations at a series of aerodromes, air traffic control centres and military organisations in 57 countries on all continents except Antarctica: in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia.

For more than half a century ERA has built a proud heritage delivering MLAT based solutions such as wide area multilateration and surface surveillance to ATC controllers. Apart from systems for the civil sector, ERA has developed the unique passive radiolocation system VERA-NG - an essential part of any modern defence surveillance network and advanced border protection.

For additional information visit www.era.aero and www.multilateration.com.

For more details please do not hesitate to contact the marketing department:
Lenka Stejskalová Reichová
Phone: +420467004120
Cell: +420730190497
E-mail: l.stejskalova@era.aero

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