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Main characteristics of OUR SYSTEMS include:

  • quality and stability
  • safety, security and straight-forward simplicity
  • speed and efficiency
  • customization of systems to match our customers’ requirements
C.D.K.K. REAL s.r.o.
V Holešovičkách 593/1a
182 00  PRAHA 8
IČ: 03612805 DIČ: CZ03612805

Our systems

Technical Monitoring and Control System

The system monitors the availability and status of system hardware and software components. Monitoring is performed using standard protocols, e.g. SNMP, https, http, IPMI and others. Acquiring of information is supported both on the level of hardware (iLO), OS (resource usage, data flow monitoring, …), as well as application (status and important application data). All data is archived in a database and it is concurrently possible to monitor them online from the technical system administrator’s workplace, with the possibility to conduct more detailed analyses of archived data. For the purposes of control, the technical system administrator has at his disposal control clients for server applications and management tools for databases, network and other system components.

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