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Main characteristics of OUR SYSTEMS include:

  • quality and stability
  • safety, security and straight-forward simplicity
  • speed and efficiency
  • customization of systems to match our customers’ requirements
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Our systems

Recording and Playback Systems

Creation, archiving and playback of recordings can be subdivided into three categories:

  • video – video signal recording (SW or HW based) irrespective of used applications,
  • audio – audio signal recording (both analogue and digital/VoIP lines),
  • data – recording of input/output data.

The system can be used as part of one of the preceding systems, or eventually as stand-alone – in conjunction with third-party systems. It is also not necessary for the system to always include all three categories (this depends on specific use). Of course, exports of recordings to commercial formats are possible. The system can be enhanced by technical monitoring capabilities.

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