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Main characteristics of OUR SYSTEMS include:

  • quality and stability
  • safety, security and straight-forward simplicity
  • speed and efficiency
  • customization of systems to match our customers’ requirements
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Our systems

Air Traffic Control System

ATC System

The System is primarily intended for medium-sized and smaller air bases. It is, again, based on a true presentation of Air Situation Picture on a required map background. Processing of positional information from various sources is provided by a robust data fusion server. The system also processes flight data and continuously calculates potential conflicts. The Air Situation Picture is displayed on operator graphic workstations. The system also makes it possible for operating personnel to plan airspace utilization, flight planning and their coordination with neighboring entities. The system can be enhanced by further processing and presentation of additional information, for instance weather, surveillance data of aircraft and ground vehicles movement around airfield area and the like. The whole system is enhanced by a subsystem for creation and playback of recordings and technical monitoring.

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