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Security nad Safety

The most important factors are security and safety requirements. All our systems comply with security and safety requirements that can differ in across various locations. Very important are also operator requirements during the system design phase. These considerations aside, the system provides safety and security on multiple levels.

Redundancy of HW Components

Critical parts of components or whole components are redundant (duplicated), which makes the system significantly more safe and secure. This applies to computer power supplies, active network components (switches) or the whole LAN (dual LAN), for instance.

Server Hot-Swap Backup

As a standard, all operating servers are equipped with a “hot-swap backup” feature. This means that servers are operated in two instances. One instance runs in MAIN mode (performs all general operating functions), and the second instance runs in BACKUP mode. In case of MAIN mode server failure, all functions are restored within several seconds on the secondary server, without data loss.

SW Backup and Restore

All SW (both application and system level) is archived on the installation server. In case it is necessary to restore a part of or a whole component within the system, a script set on this server enables easy and prompt SW restore on this component.


The system supports authentication of every individual user providing clear and unambiguous identification of a specific user. The goal of authentication is to ensure that every system knows exactly with which user it communicates – i.e. who that user is.


The system supports authorization of every user, verifying the access permission of such specific user. This process follows up on the authentication process.

Data Reduction and Evaluation

The system makes it possible to analyze and evaluate archived data taking account of the authentication and authorization process.

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